There are many Home Security Companies in the market right now. Americans have individual life style which is different from Asian, normal they live together so it is like there are people in their house all the time. Americans are willing to use the service from Home Security Company. They pay a lot of money for the best service. But do they know their Home Security Company, the one they trust, may become the risk.

Story from, one customer would like to install a home security system and fire monitoring which cost him several thousand dollars. On the installation date, the company sent a technician to install the system. Customer noticed that this technician had no any logo on his shirt and could not speak English well. The customer called company immediately. Company informed customer back the supervisor would return later with another technician. When they came, customer realized that they were subcontractor and all of them spoke a little English, not the company employees. After done the installation, six hours later, the system was not work completely. And company sent the new technician to solve the problem but it had additional charge which it would not customer’s fault. It was obviously that company failed on installation and services. And he found out later that his family passports has been stolen.

Remind yourself next time when you allow someone into your house for installation any system. You have your right to deny if they are not trustworthy. Especially, in security system, they might share information of your home to their unsavory friends.