For A home security system, it has been monitoring by a central station, security cameras which can remote from your smart phone. Control door lock and automatic light up. They can categories type of security system to be:



  1. Monitoring, using landline, smart phone (mobile phone) or internet to be the way to uplink and communicate with a central station.
  2. Installation, there are 2 choices for customer to choose. First is DIY (Do it yourself) which this type has the advantage on equipment ownership and moveable. This type does not require professional installation. Second is a professional installation by company which it has fee. This type has no mistake or worry on installation process.
  3. Home Automation, you can control your home remotely via smart phone. You can control lighting, lock and unlock doors, armed windows or view live video from IP security cameras via application of smart phone and control it like you are still at home.