Security Alarm System mainly detect instrument like door, windows and motion. When it has something wrong, it will notify owner by noise. There is a word which normally people do not familiar in home security system. “Bypass” means the exclusion of some active zone. For the example, a pet can move in the protection area at night without creating alarm by bypass a certain motion sensor. Wireless alarm system device of some manufacture has been designed to enable working function two types which are activate all zone when nobody is home and activate some zone as user’s require (For the example, bedtime). In case enquiry of the user is open-close some area independently and has different condition on each day, seller would introduce you to use the wired type which normally it has control switches on each zone individually. (Some of wireless device can do)



This function should be on the first list for customer to make the decision when select the home security system product. Which type customer prefer. How cost it be. But one thing that most important points which customer always overlooked are the after sale service and how difficult it is when parts are required or maintenance time. There are many cases that manufacture stops produce some product model and stop producing the spare parts. That makes the customer find replace parts by themselves or some company takes long time to order parts from other country until customer has been stolen again.