Now a day, people change their life style to work at their house more and more. Because of high technology and internet make global communication smaller. They turn house to be an office. Providing the security for the office is different from house. Business Alarm System is a solution for prevent their valuable assets, devices, equipment including customer data. Before they sign in purchase order, they should know some information.



Since Business Alarm System has been monitoring by a central station and response when alarm has been active. They should know how system is connected for the example, has system been connected on main phone line? It should not because the first that the thief do is cutting the phone line. As usual, the system should have ability to detect at entrance, exit, windows and other ways that can enter. Automatic send notices or video to owner when something tripped the alarm. Aware on all cost of the system and service including the blindsided cost such as any charge to you when you have the extra passcode or update software system before you sign the contract.